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Конопля и способы ее выращивания

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Hydroponics is a method of cultivating plants without soil. The system is designed in such a way that all the elements necessary for life are supplied to plants directly to the roots through a nutrient solution. In this section, we consider all the difficulties of hydroponic cultivation of hemp. Forum visitors will be able to get acquainted with the best hydroponic plants, study or download the table of solutions, find out why plants grown by this method build up a large cone mass compared to cultivation in the soil, how to change the solution and much more.

Fertilizers for hemp are a great opportunity to increase cannabis productivity, as well as help plants reach their full potential. In this topic, we will consider the best stimulants, organic fertilizing and fertilizers that plants need during the life cycle. The visitors of the forum are presented with tables and fertilizer application rules, as well as precautionary measures and instructions for immediate action in case of plant overfeeding.

This topic is devoted to all kinds of pests that can nullify all the efforts of the grower and ruin the entire crop. Here are articles on the immediate response to the attack of harmful insects, as well as effective poisons and traditional explosive mixtures that will help you quickly and without harm to plants expel unwanted guests from a home boxing or street plantation. More terrible than insects can only be an epidemic of mold. It spreads very quickly and is able to destroy all inflorescences.

The only way to combat mold are fungicides - anti-fungal agents. The cultivation of cannabis in open ground and in a home greenhouse can be associated with many unpredictable factors that adversely affect plant health. Excessive watering, high acidity of the soil, raids by harmful insects, lack of light or high humidity are just a small list of factors that can ruin a crop.

In this section, we consider the most common plant problems and find suitable solutions to solve them. Here are collected the most common questions of gardeners regarding the cultivation of hemp, equipping grow boxes, proper lighting, land, hydroponics, seed germination and much more.

Before creating a new topic in this section of the forum, we urge you to make sure that there is none. The cultivation of cannabis is a multifaceted process and even experienced gardeners with a rich theoretical base and experience can not always solve the problem with the plant, so do not be shy. Create topics, ask and chat with like-minded people. Dropshipping is not just a mutually beneficial cooperation scheme, but also a surprisingly simple way to make good money without investing.

Perhaps you are the owner of the selling site and do not mind placing the products of your partners on its pages. You can learn more about cooperation under the dropshipping scheme in this section. Today it is the most profitable and not costly way to get a good profit. Would you like to buy elite hemp seeds at wholesale prices?

Then you are in the right section. The GangaSeedsGroup team offers quality seed from famous seedbanks and private breeders at wholesale prices. We provide the opportunity to order seeds from us in bulk in company packaging, as well as in bulk. The terms of cooperation can be found in the topics of this section.

In this section, we have described in detail the types of possible cooperation. Everyone can find exactly those conditions that are suitable only for him. If you are the owner of a site or an online store, then you may be interested in direct advertising or dropshipping. If you are an enthusiast who is ready to make good money with a team of professionals, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the conditions of the referral system or the wholesale purchase of hemp seeds and spores of psilocybin mushrooms.

You will not meet such anywhere. Read more about cooperation in the topics of this section. In this section, we offer spore prints of psilocybin mushrooms at wholesale prices. The GanjaSeedsGroup team works closely with an independent coalition of ethnic botanists from around the world, as well as with the disputed bank Gribo4ek. The strains are adapted for growing at home, and some even in open ground. Only here you can buy strains of magic mushrooms in company packaging at wholesale prices.

If you are the owner of the site and want to present the original product to the customers in the designer packaging of your store, then we can offer spore prints of psilocybin mushrooms only in a sterile ziplock. Read more about cooperation in this section. This section is dedicated to the best reports of visitors to our forum. Hemp cultivation in Indore, in open ground, on a hydroponic plant and much more can be found in this section of the forum.

Gardeners with experience on a personal example will demonstrate what an ideal grove can be and what difficulties a novice nerd may face in the process of cultivation. Here are reports of growing autoflowering and photoperiodic hemp varieties on various substrates with and without fertilizers. Here is a treasure chest. Open boldly, study the experience of experienced hemp growers and absorb it. We devoted this section to the reports of experienced gardeners and novice ethnobotanists who preferred the cultivation of hemp in Indore over street cultivation.

Here, beginning gardeners have the opportunity to gather a lot of useful information related to the preparation of a nutrient substrate, the arrangement of a tent or cabinet, the choice of variety, the intricacies of lighting and ventilation. You are also waiting for visual examples of techniques aimed at significantly increasing yields and rational use of the available area.

This section is a great chance to see how bushes of different cannabis varieties grow from different seedbanks. Do not be indifferent, create your own reports, ask questions and communicate. This section of the forum focuses on reporting street cannabis cultivation.

Here you will find a lot of useful information related to the intricacies of cultivation in an outdoor: preparing holes, secrets of determining suitable soil, fertilizers, basic safety rules, choosing a clearing for a plantation, and much more. On the example of our users, you can find out exactly which varieties are more suitable for outdoor groving than others.

Growing cannabis on the street is not an easy task. A beginner grower may encounter unforeseen weather factors, wild animals that are not averse to eating juicy shoots, as well as harmful insects and an epidemic of mold that can destroy the entire crop. You can find out how to avoid undesirable situations and protect your plants on the street in this section of the forum. Growing hemp in hydroponics is one of the peaks of Grover craftsmanship, which differs from classical cultivation in that the plant receives nutrients from the nutrient solution in which its root system is immersed.

Here we have collected a lot of useful materials and instructions that will be useful to a beginner hydroponics. Also, this section contains reports of our visitors. Of these, you will clearly learn the rules for preparing nutrient solutions, get acquainted with the tools of the grower, learn which hydroponic plants are most suitable for your premises, and also personally see the difference in the yield of hemp varieties grown on the ground and in nutrient solution.

Experienced gardeners will be happy to answer all your questions and share your valuable experience, so do not hesitate to ask and create topics, here are all your own! In this section of the forum you will find photographs of growers growing cannabis in mini-boxes, or as they are also called, in stealth boxes.

Here, users and guests of the forum will learn about espionage methods, get acquainted with the secrets of experienced nerds that will help make cannabis growing at home as secretive as possible. Our skilled reporters manage to get wonderful yields of resinous cones in small bedside tables, cabinets and even in system units! From the reports you can find out what kind of lighting is used for mini greenhouses, how to organize ventilation in such a modest space, which pots are suitable, and how to bend the plant properly.

Growing hemp in mini-boxes is a fascinating activity that does not require significant financial costs. If you are interested in this topic, then watch reports, ask questions and communicate with like-minded people. This section is dedicated to reporting on cannabis cultivation exclusively on soil mixtures. Here, guests of the forum can get acquainted with the reports of growers who prefer coconut and hydroponics to grow hemp on the ground. The advantages of enriched land are obvious, because for the first time the plant will have enough nutrients already contained in the substrate.

Such bushes begin to fertilize only after two months. How to make the soil fluffy, what kind of land is suitable for cannabis and how to properly care for your plantation can be found in the reports in this section. The cultivation of cannabis on organic matter is a real art, allowing the gardener to get a first-class product that is distinguished by excellent flavoring qualities and effect.

Real medical marijuana can only be obtained by cultivation using organic fertilizers and a well-balanced nutrient ground. In this section of our forum, guests can see the reports of growers who prefer to grow an environmentally friendly product. Here are some tips for beginner growers, following which cultivating cannabis will be easy and carefree. Also, growers and visitors interested in this topic will be able to find out the risks and possible threats from harmful insects, how to deal with them not only with chemical poisons, but also with traditional methods.

Growing autoflowering cannabis varieties is a fairly simple process that even an inexperienced gardener can handle. Hybrids with the prefix "auto" have a unique feature of the transition to the flowering phase, regardless of the length of daylight hours. This fact greatly facilitates the groving process. The life cycle of autoflowering varieties is much smaller than photoperiodic strains, so savvy growers manage to take up to several crops per season in the outdoor.

This section contains the reports of visitors to our forum on the cultivation of autoflowering cannabis varieties. Here you can find reports about fast-ripening strain, learn about the intricacies of fertilizing autoflowers, the necessary lighting mode and the nuances of compiling nutrient substrates. The cultivation of cannabis at home is associated with the need for proper lighting.

Today, LED lamps are very popular. Profitability and the ability to adjust the necessary spectrum allows the grower to get a magnificent crop of resinous inflorescences without leaving the house. This section of the forum is devoted to the cultivation of cannabis using LED lighting.

The high cost of these fixtures more than pays off for a longer service life and less heat radiation, in comparison with the famous Dnat lamps. Dear friends, our forum often hosts contests and various draws. The main requirement for participants is to post a report.

Voting for the best report is held in open mode, and judges are registered users. Everything is transparent and open. Winners expect worthy prizes from our partners - well-known seedbanks and shops. Follow new contests, take part, communicate with like-minded people and win! This section of the forum is dedicated to reports by novice gardeners. Useful materials, guidelines for posting reports, and some guidelines that make cannabis growing easy and hassle-free are published here.

The first grove is like first love, it is impossible to forget it, and the image, smell and effect of the first-grown culture are imprinted in memory forever. If you decide to grow cannabis, but doubt the correctness of your actions, then feel free to start reporting. Experienced growers will gladly give advice, tell you how to avoid unforeseen situations and guide you to the harvest. Do not let fear of criticism triumph.

Here are all mine! Welcome to the workshop, where our craftsmen make real masterpieces with their own hands - growboxes for growing cannabis. Here you will learn how to make a decent-looking greenhouse from improvised materials lying on the balcony, in the basement or in the garage, where the plants will feel great. The experience of our masters will be an excellent example for a beginner grower, because for the purchase of real growers significant financial costs are required.

Some works deserve special attention, because you will agree that not everyone can visit the idea of organizing a small island of greenery in an old refrigerator or in the computer system unit. From the works of our users, you will learn how to organize automation, make ventilation quiet, which reflective material to use, and much more. Growing cannabis in a do-it-yourself growbox is a lot more fun than cultivating in classic groutents.

Here we post reports that are not included in other sections. Take a look, maybe here you will find the method or method of cultivation that interests you, because growing hemp is a real art, and a grower is a free artist, prone to experiments and ambiguous approaches. In this section you can find a method of pollination of female cannabis plants, learn about mulching, non-standard methods of seed germination, dwarf vegetables and much more.

This section is devoted to video reports of users of our forum. Every grower knows that growing hemp is a very pleasant, sometimes difficult process, but the end result is worth it. Join the viewing and enjoy what you see. This section of the forum is devoted directly to issues related to the cultivation of psilocybin mushrooms.

Each mycologist on the path to comprehending the art of growing magical conductors may encounter certain difficulties: not overgrowing mycelium, fungal abortions, undesirable mold outbreaks and other nuances that threaten the future harvest. Guru-mycologists will be happy to answer all these questions, give practical advice and help reverse the unwanted processes.

Here you will also learn how to dry and store mushrooms without losing quality, learn about all types of substrate infection and methods of counteraction, about the necessary tools for ethnobotany, the importance of sterilization, recipes for preparing mushroom broths, various types of nutrient substrate, ways to increase productivity and much more. Feel free to create topics and ask questions, because the cultivation of psilocybin mushrooms is a scrupulous and experienced professional advice will never be superfluous.

The cultivation of psilocybin mushrooms is a real art that anyone can comprehend. This section of our forum is dedicated to the reports of novice growers and experienced ethnobotanists who comprehended the secret of magic mushrooms. Here you can familiarize yourself with the application of various cultivation techniques, learn about the peculiarities of growing various strain of magic mushrooms and find key information that will help you on the thorny path of understanding the mushroom kingdom.

Section guru - experienced mycologists and travelers around the world of the Spirit will be happy to share their experience, talk about the rules for using magic guides and safety procedures during the trip. One scientist who decided to try magic mushrooms, after returning, said: "The person who at least once tried psilocybin mushrooms remains forever the person who tried mushrooms.

This section is devoted to the classic and innovative methods of growing hallucinogenic mushrooms, as well as issues arising in the process of cultivation. Forum participants can get acquainted with the unique Monotube technique, as well as learn how to prevent infection of the substrate and what to do in case of mold. Growing hallucinogenic mushrooms is an interesting and exciting process that requires a sufficient theoretical basis from the mycologist, as well as certain conditions.

You can learn more about this in this section. The best lighting for any plant, of course, is the sun, but what if the grower decides to cultivate cannabis at home? For many years, gardeners around the world have not been able to agree on what kind of lighting to grow hemp is better.

Some are inclined to believe that Dnat lamps are an ideal option, although they have drawbacks in the form of the need for constant cooling, fragility and too much energy consumption. Other gardeners prefer to cultivate hemp under LED lights, which are characterized by a long period of work, low energy consumption, but are not cheap.

Beginner cannabis growers who grow cannabis in mini-boxes, and at all declare excellent results under ESL lamps. This section of the forum is devoted only to coverage. Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of certain lamps and choose the best option for yourself. Growing cannabis at home will undoubtedly cause certain difficulties for the grower, because the smell exuded by the plant during flowering can spread far beyond the boundaries of one room.

Unwanted attention of outsiders to their hobby pushes gardeners to various tricks to disguise and remove a persistent aroma. It is one thing when one small bush grows in the room, the fragrance of which can be masked by absorbers, incense and fragrances, and it is quite another when 5 or more bushes grow in the room. In this situation, the grower can not do without equipping the growbox with high-quality ventilation with a carbon filter.

What kind of ventilation is needed, what is a carbon filter and how does this whole thing work, you will learn in this section of the forum. In this section, forum participants will be able to learn about the latest innovations in the production of green boxes, get acquainted with the schemes and methods of self-assembly of a home greenhouse and its types. It also contains articles that will help a beginner gardener to make a carbon filter on their own, build soundproofing for duct fans and find out what ventilation should be in the grow box.

Here you will learn how to store cannabis and how to protect yourself in the process of growing it. Growing and drying tarry cones is only half the process, guaranteeing an unforgettable taste and softness when smoking. This section of the forum is devoted to manipulations with the finished cultivation product: curing and the rules for long-term storage of treasured buds. This section is devoted to the equipment necessary for obtaining a smart crop. Growing cannabis at home involves the presence of a grow box equipped with proper lighting, ventilation, a charcoal filter, measuring instruments, and a hydroponic system, if cultivated on a nutrient solution.

Here you will find out which lamps are best suited for autoflowering and photoperiod cannabis varieties, what ventilation should be and how many plants can be placed on one square meter. In addition to technical equipment, in this section you can find informative information about devices and various devices designed for the use of the final cultivation product.

This section contains useful reading for the grover. In the topics you can find books by famous authors on cultivation on the hydroponic system. Outdoor cultivation of cannabis and the home greenhouse are also covered in this section. Starting to cultivate hemp, the grower should have minimal knowledge in botany.

Having studied at least a third of the material presented here, the gardener will be ready for the first experiment. It raises the theme of growing vegetables, ways to increase productivity, fertilizers, varieties of vegetables, as well as difficulties encountered in the process of growing them. Experienced gardeners share the knowledge and secrets of garden success. This section is devoted to the cultivation of fruit crops.

Experienced gardeners here share the secrets of obtaining large yields, pest control methods and other utilities that can be useful in a summer cottage. Here we are talking about herbs, exotic plants that can be grown on your windowsill or in the garden. All representatives of the terrestrial flora who did not fall into other sections of the forum can be found here.

The cultivation of fruit, vegetables and other crops is often accompanied by attacks of harmful insects, and the garden plot turns into a real battlefield, where the fighting is not for life but for death. The gardener puts on a protective uniform and begins to use chemical weapons of mass destruction against the intruders who invaded his land. The reward in the battle is the long-awaited harvest. All conceivable and inconceivable remedies are used, from potassium permanganate and vinegar with garlic, the infusion of which should expel the red ants, to potent poisons and chemicals.

In this section, we raise the issues of the most common pests and means of controlling them. We also touch on fertilizer and growth stimulants. This topic is dedicated to the reports of our forum participants. If this year you have a great crop of tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, a giant pumpkin or potato, you can post a topic here and tell what seed material was used, what was fed, how was it spudded, etc. Welcome to the truly magical plants section. Entheogen in Greek means "Becoming Divine" or a return to the true Divine essence, dormant in us.

We devoted this section to those plants of terrestrial fauna that can introduce a person into an altered "Divine" state of consciousness. For many people, the experience of using such plants has become the only spiritual truth. Since ancient times, entheogens have been used by shamans, practitioners of various theological movements, as well as priests of all civilizations that previously existed on the planet. For guests and users of the forum, we have selected exceptional literature on entheogenes.

Here you can find information about mescaline cacti common in Mexico, morning glory, morning glory, fly agaric and psychoactive lichens, as well as other strength plants. Entheogen cultivation is also affected in the topics of the section, so you are welcome. In this section, we post reports on the expression of entheogens - mystical plants, the use of which allows you to enter an altered state of consciousness and take a different look at the world.

Experienced ethnobotanists here share the secrets and subtleties of caring for such plants. Growing entheogens is an entertaining and sometimes difficult process, but the results of cultivation are worth it. We have posted a lot of useful literature on magical plants, methods of their cultivation and rules of use. We devoted this section to notes, articles, and also useful literature on entheogens and psilocybin fungi. Here you can find informative videos, get acquainted with the active ingredient of hallucinogenic mushrooms - psilocybin, about its benefits and medical use in civilized countries, where magic mushrooms are not forbidden and are of particular interest in research circles.

The notes contain a lot of useful information about the effects of psilocybin on the human brain. Contests - New Contests Page. In this category, new prize drawings will be held from sponsors of the GanjaLive portal. The administration of the forum will try this year to be no less attentive and generous to users. In turn, we expect a good mood and active participation from the readers of the forum, because we do all the contests for you! A new page in the history of contests on the GanjaLive portal has been opened.

This year we will continue to launch contests that have already become permanent and loved by our readers. Also, perhaps we will add new pages. Everything will depend on the activity and wishes of the participants. Join the sweepstakes and collect prizes from sponsors and partners of the GanjaLive forum.

In this section of the forum everyone can get free hemp seeds. Here you can find all the contests in Everyone will be able to find a prize draw on their favorite topic: photo contests of the month, Nude-style contests, GanjaCoin forum currency draw, GanjaLive Cup hemp cup and much more. Join us, win prizes in the form of hemp seeds or cash gifts.

All that is needed to participate is the mood and the fulfillment of the simple conditions of the competition. In this section you can find the current and completed contests of our forum. Every month we organize various promotions, contests, quizzes, prize draws, promotions and other entertainment events. The winners of the events will receive memorable prizes, cash gifts, as well as elite hemp seeds from famous seedbanks, so a hobby like growing hemp can bring growers not only a chic crop of cones, but also fame on our resource.

This section contains photo contests and competitive events of the past year. Visitors can see how heated the struggle for the valuable prizes of our sponsors in was. The male half will undoubtedly appreciate the "nude" contest, and experienced gardeners and novice botanists can admire the results of the GanjaLive Cup, find out what prizes were won in the famous "Ganja Christmas Tree" contest. Our forum is not just a place where you can chat with like-minded people, we are doing everything possible to dilute it with exciting promotions and creative events.

Dear friends, our forum has been around for 10 years. All this time we tried to make your stay on it as entertaining and useful as possible. Every month we held various promotions, arranged thematic contests and entertainment events. Every year, competitive contests of the Cannabis Cup GanjaLive were organized, where growers fought in fair fight for decent rewards, demonstrating their skills in cultivating cannabis.

Independent judges were all participants of the forum, casting their votes to favorite reports or successful photos of their favorite plant. We carefully store in the archive the results of all the events of the past years. Cannabis cultivation, as an art, deserves its history, and with your help we create it, albeit not on such a global scale as we would like.

We created this section specifically to discuss individual issues related to the work of the forum and its moderation. Here the questions of the rules for publishing photos and video reports, the subtleties of editing comments and messages are raised, the main rules of the forum are posted, the participants of the forum are asked about the need and feasibility of various events, contests, promotions and other creative undertakings. You can create a topic and leave the administration of the forum your wish or recommendation for its improvement, your wishes or offer your services.

We are always glad to initiative guests and users and we always support them. Perhaps you are familiar with video editing or you can write beautiful thematic texts. Knock on the administration and join our team. Together we will make the forum the best thematic platform for growers and people interested in hemp. The most famous seed banks, manufacturers of fertilizers and equipment for the cultivation of hemp come together in one place, present their products and organize entertainment events.

This section will contain information about the upcoming world festivals. Here, forum participants can share their favorite films, music with like-minded people, discuss a series or other entertainment event. The latest news from the cannabis industry and the legalization of medical marijuana. Here, forum participants share up-to-date information on new scientific discoveries related to cannabis, as well as on investments in shares of cannabis companies.

Here you will learn about past and upcoming events marches in support of the legalization of marijuana, as well as about countries where authorities are quite normal in using plants. This section discusses the treatment of various diseases and international medical experience in the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes. Cannabis is a storehouse of rare chemical compounds of value, not only for lovers to relax, but also for world medicine in general.

Even in ancient China, hemp infusions and extracts were used to treat epilepsy, prevent cancer, and also as a panacea for acute pain and insomnia. Hemp cultivation has been encouraged for many centuries, but the political games of forces interested in decriminalizing marijuana have made the harmless plant a "potent narcotic substance," which it has never been. In the 40s of the last century, marijuana was excluded from all medical directories, but nowadays, the legalization of marijuana has gained worldwide proportions.

Not far off is the time when extracts of dried inflorescences can be purchased at each pharmacy. Millions of patients will receive a harmless and potent medicine. Welcome to our "kitchen". This section of the forum focuses on cannabis-based foods. Here we post recipes for dishes using hemp oil, and also reveal the culinary secrets of cannabis cuisine.

Sweet tooths will find here many ways to cook their favorite sweets, which, in addition to taste, will delight in an unusual effect. Also, the section contains notes on the historical use of hemp seeds in cooking, discloses their useful properties and recipes for all kinds of dishes based on them.

You will learn how to combine marijuana with coffee or how to make an alcoholic beverage using dried inflorescences, as well as get acquainted with recipes for weight loss. Rastamans, she is Rastafarians - adherents of one religious movement, which does not require a certain participation in any events, sacraments and services.

The integral attributes of a rastaman are released dreadlocks, and sometimes the use of cannabis. At the heart of the Rastafarian movement is also a rejection of the Western lifestyle. They do not recognize Western values and consider them detrimental to humans. The Western way of life is called by the members of religion as "Babylon" and it is expressed in the way of thinking - greed, selfishness of excessive rationality, attachment to material values, careerism and other qualities inherent in Westerners.

By the end of the 90s of the last century, there were more than one million rastafari in the world. The use of cannabis by members of the movement makes it possible to clear the mind of an unnecessary understanding of the world and, according to Rastafari, has a fruitful effect on human health. Hemp cultivation in Jamaica and some parts of Africa is commonplace, especially in Rastafarian communities, although not all.

We devoted this section of the forum to cannabis derivatives, and also posted recipes for its almost non-waste use. Forum guests are presented with articles revealing the secrets of making hash in various ways and techniques. We also posted notes on the historical use of hash, hemp milk, as a ceremonial drink, porridge from wild cannabis and much more.

A sophisticated guest will be able to find the recipe for the manufacture of the purest extract called "Amber", as well as the method of its use. All about smoking devices, bongs, pipes, as well as how to make artisan express devices for smoking cannabis. Here, the inventive guests of our forum share the secrets of twisting joites, making pipes and disposable "geese" for smoking from improvised materials.

This section contains articles on the most unusual ways of smoking marijuana through an apple, watermelon, melon, as well as various attributes for chopping cones and the rules for choosing a quality bong and vaporizer. Special attention should be paid to articles about cleaning devices and smoking hash through a hookah. Here we have collected articles directly or indirectly relating to marijuana legislation, as well as notes on upcoming changes in the laws of those countries where cannabis decriminalization has already begun.

We also placed in this section the advice of an experienced lawyer in cases related to marijuana, notes on online safety and many other usefulnesses. In this section of our forum, guests and registered users share information about the best seasons and countries where you can spend an unforgettable vacation. Since our forum is dedicated to cannabis, and most visitors have long made the cultivation of hemp their favorite hobby, here you can also find articles and notes about holidays in countries where cannabis is partially or fully legalized.

If you have an interesting story or want to share information about an unforgettable vacation, then do not be shy, create a theme and communicate with like-minded people. The forum participants brought a little philosophy, life wisdom to this section, and also posted various stories by spiritual teachers and masters of life. This section is dedicated to music, literature and cinema.

The cultivation of cannabis, as well as the culture of its use for many thousands of years, could not but be reflected in art. Here we post music, as well as films that one way or another relate to the topics of our forum. Special attention deserves literature.

Forum participants share interesting books, articles and notes that can brighten up your leisure time and give a lot of pleasant moments. Remember: you cannot buy happiness, but you can read a book, and sometimes it is the same thing. This section is about funny stories and funny stories. Forum users here create various topics that will undoubtedly smile at you. The theme of our resource is the cultivation of cannabis, and, as you know, its use can not only cause unbridled laughter, but also be a source of inspiration for finding adventure.

Humor and hemp are very close friends, and they also say that laughter prolongs life, so do not deny yourself this. We devoted this section, perhaps, to the most interesting part of the consequences of the use of cannabis and hallucinogenic mushrooms. Here, guests of the forum will be able to find out into what unexplored distances of parallel galaxies the consciousness of a traveler who decided to drink a decoction of psilocybin mushrooms can carry away, as well as how different hemp varieties act on different people.

Here we also share our impressions of the use of entheogens: fly agaric, Ipomoea sky blue, perfume vine, mescaline cacti and other substances that can expand consciousness. Often, stories trips are incredible, in them a person learns and experiences from personal experience deep truths and wisdom, the secrets of the universe are revealed to him, and sometimes, a regressive journey into his own past becomes accessible to some.

If you have something to tell, then you are welcome. We devoted this section to the beautiful half of the participants in our forum. Among our participants there are many talented growers, so themes about the cultivation of cannabis, the tricks of arranging grow boxes and much more are not ruled out.

In this section you can find information, literally, about everything. Here you can post informative articles, music, interesting literature, chat about pressing issues or share experience in growing cannabis and psilocybin mushrooms. There are also topics affecting western stars of show business who have made hemp cultivation not only their hobby, but also a highly profitable business.

Communicate with like-minded people, ask questions, comment, have fun. You can talk about anything here. Here we are talking about the places where cannabis grows, about countries where it is partially decriminalized or fully legalized. Cannabis is spread all over the world: from hot equatorial countries to cool Siberian regions. This section also welcomes topics related to commercial marijuana plantations, news about farmers cultivating it and the most favorable countries for introducing this particular business.

Beginners and experienced breeders can put their cannabis seeds up for sale here. Also on our site you can purchase equipment designed for growing cannabis and psilocybin mushrooms, the spores of which can also be found in the appropriate section. In addition to trading on the trading platform, you can read the latest news about marijuana, its legalization and decriminalization in some countries of the world. Trading is easy, and buying is even easier. In this section you have placed the contacts of the administration of the national trading platform Ganja Bay.

Forum participants can ask their questions, post suggestions for improving the site, as well as leave their feedback on its work. In this section, visitors to the forum can post ads for the purchase or sale of hemp seeds and other plants. Forum administration is not responsible for the quality of purchased seeds. Participants make all transactions at their own risk. Growing psilocybin mushrooms sooner or later ends with the production of spore prints.

At first, the ethnobotanist provides himself with spore material, but there comes a time when the surplus needs to be put somewhere. Especially for such mycologists, we have created this section, where they can freely realize spore prints of psilocybin mushrooms at free prices. You can also make self-promotion here by distributing spore material for reporting. Growing cannabis at home requires certain equipment, including high-quality lighting. This section is devoted to the purchase and sale of lighting equipment, as well as various components: reflectors, kultubov, LED lamps, Dnat lamps, starting devices, ESL, etc.

Before creating a topic, be sure to read the rules of trade. This section contains the announcement of the forum participants about the purchase and sale of ventilation. The cultivation of cannabis provides for a constant flow of air to plants, so you can not do without appropriate equipment.

Also in the section you can find fans, new and used, carbon filters for eliminating odors, coal for filling them, as well as empty housings. Канабиноиды в ней содержатся, но их недостаточно, чтоб вызвать даже легчайшую эйфорию. Сорта Виктория, Ника для лиц с наркотической зависимостью никакого энтузиазма не представляют — дельтатетрагидроканнабинола в их нет совершенно. Но зато они очень важны для индустрии, ведь возрождение производства пеньки, масла сулит большую финансовую выгоду.

Не достаточно дельтатетрагидроканнабинола и в сортах Зоряна, Золотоношская, Зеница. Легализация конопли ООН наделала много шума. Необыкновенную пикантность ситуации придает предложение о послаблении требований к каннабису Глобальной Организацией Здравоохранения. Ее представителями были озвучены результаты ряда лабораторных исследований и клинических тестов.

Согласно им конопля в будущем может стать ценным источником биоактивных веществ для сотворения массивных фармакологических препаратов. Потому целенаправлено снять некие ограничения на ее выкармливание, продажу, транспортировку. Не совершенно верно утверждать, что ООН официально исключила коноплю из перечня наркотиков.

Существует четыре категории психоактивных веществ, классифицирующихся по классу угрозы для здоровья человека. ООН вычеркнула коноплю из группы наркотиков , которые находились под категорическим запретом. Но оставило в перечне веществ, способных вызывать физическое и психическое привыкание.

Представителями ООН не ставится под колебание способность дельтатетрагидроканнабинола стимулировать формирование раковых опухолей, становится предпосылкой инсультов и инфарктов, необратимого расстройства психики, нравственной деградации. Относительно не так давно возникло даже такое понятие, как « Мед конопля », то есть особенным образом переработанное растение, способное вылечивать заболевания.

Оно отменно обезболивает, снимает самые выраженные мышечные спазмы, устраняет от депрессий. Мед конопля легализована в большинстве штатов Америки. Поначалу у властей были опаски, что это приведет к росту преступности из-за упростившегося доступа к каннабису. Но ничего подобного не вышло, и скоро остальные страны смягчили свои законодательные акты. При этом, не лишь к производству фармацевтических средств, но и к употреблению с одурманивающими целями.

В каких странах легализована конопля:. Обычно конопля запрещена в странах, исповедующих буддизм и исламизм. К примеру, в Таиланде при обнаружении незначимого количества марихуаны на всю жизнь могут высадить и туристов. Ненаркотическая конопля власти этих государств также не достаточно интересует из-за индивидуальности ее выкармливания. Ведь жаркий сухой либо мокроватый климат для этого растения неблагоприятен. Но продукты ее переработки, в том числе ткани и медикаменты, тут достаточно нужны.

Когда в Рф легализуют коноплю? В прошедшем году издан указ, в котором был снят запрет на ее выкармливание. Пока о высадках в промышленных масштабах речи не идет. Выкармливание может быть отдельными сельскохозяйственными предприятиями для следующей переработки и производства средств, которые могут употребляться в ветеринарной и мед практике. Госпредприятия должны иметь подобающую лицензию, организовать охрану насаждений, разрешить неизменный доступ на угодья, компании, выпускающие текстиль, и лекарственные фабрики контролирующих органов.

До того, как закон о легализации конопли в Рф был принят, она высеивалась в ограниченных размерах. Независимо от количества в ней дельтатетрагидроканнабинола, разрешалось употреблять растительное сырье только с научными целями. Напомним, что конопля в Рф столетиями выращивалась как для нужд страны, так и поставлялась на экспорт.

Пока не планируется ее настолько масштабного культивирования. Полностью может быть, что все поменяется опосля сотворения селекционерами гибридов, не лишь лишенных психоактивных параметров, но и способных выносить русский климат в средних широтах страны и ее северных регионах. Стоить разграничить понятия о статусе растения. Конкретно конопля легализована в Рф, пусть и отчасти.

Но ее производные, включая марихуану, гашиш, находятся под категорическим запретом. Опосля того, как ООН было принято решение о их исключении из перечня опаснейших наркотиков, Наша родина его осудила. Президентом были озвучены опаски, что легализация и либерализация политики по отношению к каннабису дестабилизируют международную систему контроля над оборотом наркотиков.

А также представляет опасность государственной сохранности. В Русской Федерации действуют законодательные нормативы по регулированию, обороту запрещенных веществ с наркотическим и психотропным действием на базе конопли. В статье УК РФ перечислены меры наказания, которые будут использованы к лицам, приобретающим, хранящим, перевозящим, изготавливающим и перерабатывающим наркотические вещества.

На тяжесть противозаконного деяния влияет вид запрещенного вещества, его количество:. Предусмотрена система штрафов, исправительные работы и лишение свободы. Возможность получения уголовного срока существенно увеличивается при повторном задержании человека правоохранительными органами.

На муниципальных порталах Рф расположено заявление о неприемлемости подобного решения ООН. Увлекательный факт — на заседании перевес в пользу легализации каннабиса был всего только 2 голоса. То есть, представители практически половины государств высказались резко против. Его внедрение с рекреационными целями может стать значимым поводом для производства новейших, наиболее томных наркотиков. В особенности небезопасны такие опыты в странах «третьего мира», где власти не могут контролировать оборот запрещенных веществ.

Это приведет к вооруженным конфликтам, станет спусковым крючком к глобализации рынка наркотиков. Но легализация конопли во почти всех странах уже произошла , как и ее производных. Как это небезопасно, покажет время. Ежели властями будет агрессивно контролироваться распространение в огромных размерах, пресекаться создание высокотоксичных гибридов, то полностью может быть, что остальные страны, выступающие резко против либо сохраняющие нейтралитет, изменят решение.

Никто не обесценивает эффективность препаратов, сделанных на базе каннабиноидов. Они проявляют выраженную анальгетическую, спазмолитическую активность, что отыскало применение в комплексной терапии онкологических болезней. В Украине решение ООН о снятии запрета на внедрение каннабиса с мед целями вызвал воодушевление.

Этот вопросец поднимался и ранее, проводились социологические опросы. С учетом одобрения населения Комитетом Верховной Рады, отвечающим за здоровье цивилизации, мед помощь и мед страхование, был вновь поднят вопросец о легализации конопли в Украине. Следует повторить, что каннабис будет разрешен к использованию лишь с мед целями.

Конопля и способы ее выращивания фильмы о наркотиках и наркоманах

Как вырастить коноплю в домашних условиях От А до Я


Есть гроверы, заказывающие постоянные семечки сортовой марихуаны, которые опыляются и создают не считая бошек, ещё и зёрна каннабиса. Этот вариант ущербен в длительной перспективе, ибо равномерно происходит разбавление массивного генетического кода сортовой марихуаны. Потому будет нужно хотя бы через год подкупать фирменные сорта феминизированных семян конопли, и опылять их пыльцой собственных регуляров.

Естественно, ежели семечки конопли приобрести в интернет-магазине, да ещё от евро производителя, то можно быть уверенным что они прошли подготовительный отбор свойства. Со своими семками каннабиса, можно особо не церемониться, ведь они достались безвозмездно. Хотя гроверы с приобретением опыта, начинают калибровать зёрна, чтоб ещё перед замачиванием они имели однообразный размер и цвет. Унифицировать проращивание семян сортовой марихуаны нереально, так как они различаются шириной скорлупы и скоростью реакции на контакт с водой.

Это естественная форма проявления адаптации каннабиса, к изменяющимся условиям грова. Потому в практику вошли обычные способы подготовки посевного материала к проращиванию. Резко повысить всхожесть семян марихуаны можно 2-мя способами: скарификацией и стратификацией. Можно применять эти подходы раздельно, а можно и кооперировать. Влияние на итог оказывает ещё и генетика марихуаны.

Имея толстую защитную скорлупу, семечки конопли надёжно защищены от окружающей атмосферы. Но она же не даёт влаге добраться вовнутрь зерна. Чтоб облегчить задачку, употребляют скарификацию — царапание. Такое действие повреждает внешнюю оболочку зёрен, оставляя на ней царапинки и сколы. Через их вода легче просачивается к семени, и запускает процесс роста. Для конопли лучше всего употреблять механическую скарификацию.

Узкую наждачную бумагу сверните в трубочку длиной см и поперечником см, шершавой поверхностью вовнутрь. Засыпьте в тубус семечки конопли, заткните пальцами оба конца трубочки и в течении минутки энергично встряхивайте содержимое. Опосля таковой процедуры, на оболочке покажутся царапинки разной глубины, через которую будет легче просачиваться вода.

Марихуана владеет высочайшим адаптационным ресурсом, и даже её семечки каким-то образом улавливают конфигурации погодных критерий. Чрезвычайно почти всем растениям требуется пройти стадию зимней спячки, чтоб запустить цикл развития из семена. Стратификация, это процесс имитации зимних критерий, чтоб повысить всхожесть семян каннабиса.

Подобные условия для семян марихуаны можно сделать на верхней полке холодильника. Семки каннабиса нужно положить в герметичный пакетик, вовнутрь засыпать ч. Защита от света требуется, чтоб семечки не начали прорастать ранее времени.

Размещая упаковку на верхней полке холодильника, проследите чтоб содержимое не промёрзло насквозь. Время нахождения в этом состоянии недельки. Используя уже приготовленные семечки конопли, у гровера получаются наиболее ровненькие ростки и равномерный рост растений. На практике, самые обыкновенные и испытанные методы, дают самые фаворитные результаты. Потому будем опираться на то оборудование и инструменты, которые есть в каждом доме.

Отлично ополосните кипяточком пластиковую крышку для стеклянной банки, положите в неё кусок туалетной бумаги свёрнутый в слоя и смочите его водой. Сверху насыпьте семечки конопли и накройте сверху таковой же картонной салфеткой. Чуток увлажните и расположите эту конструкцию в полиэтиленовый пакет, чтоб снутри сформировался мокроватый локальный климат.

Уже через дня, на почти всех зёрнах треснет скорлупка, и покажутся белоснежные хвостики корешков. В этом состоянии семечки уже можно перемещать в стаканчики для рассады. Делать это лучше всего пинцетом, и непременно опускать белоснежным корешком вниз. Авторские советы неких опытнейших гроверов свидетельствуют, что для лучшего прорастания семян конопли, в пластиковую крышку нужно насыпать щепотку чернозёма либо перегноя.

В данной нам добавке содержится минимум питательных веществ, которые активируют процессы пробуждения семени. Нужно кропотливо приготовить почвосмесь, в которой будет происходить первичное развитие марихуаны. В отличие от шерстяных тканей ее не портит моль. Обувь с добавлением конопляных волокон лучше пропускает воздух. Ноги в таковых ботинках не потеют.

Мозоли и потертости быстро заживают. Пищевую ценность представляют семечки растения. Они богаты полиненасыщенными жирными кислотами. Используются в диетическом и спортивном питании. Конопляное масло всераспространено посреди овощеедов и приверженцев здорового питания. Его пьют натощак как самостоятельный продукт либо заправляют готовые блюда. Масло «Коноплянка» можно встретить в сетевых гипермаркетах «Карусель», «Азбука вкуса».

На рынке возникли различные продукты: протеин, смузи, молочко, энерго батончики, салатные заправки и даже макароны. Известны дезинфицирующие характеристики данной травки. Конопляное масло содержит аминокислоты, минералы.

Оно владеет антибактериальным действием. Семечки богаты витаминами и микроэлементами, содержат белки и крахмал. Конопля помогает при заболеваниях костной ткани, улучшает процессы кроветворения. Фибрин, входящий в ее состав, помогает биться с рахитом. Целебными качествами наделены семечки, листья и стволы растения. Употребляют ее как противоопухолевое средство, при онкологии, для улучшения работы дыхательной, пищеварительной сердечно-сосудистой систем.

В Израиле из конопли создают препараты, которые вылечивают заболевания почек, иммунной системы, заболевание Паркинсона и эпилепсию. Отвар имеет обволакивающие и антивосполительные свойства. Экстракт заходит в состав косметических средств. Не считая тканей из конопли изготавливают нетканые материалы: геотекстиль, брезент, бронированные элементы и др. Из нее делают отделочные панели, строй бетонные блоки. Она заходит в состав пенопласта, лаков и красок.

Переработка и экологичное создание нетканых материалов развиты в Европе. Волокна составляют базу для кузовных деталей каров. Так в году на автосалоне в Лондоне выставлялся спортивный автомобиль из конопли. Много веков назад конопля могла одеть, обогреть, накормить и вылечить человека. В переработку шло все: семечки, стволы, листья. Фаворитами по бытовому применению технической конопли в Европе числятся Англия стройку, стеновые блоки и Германия утеплитель и материал для полового покрытия.

Применение тресты из конопли безгранично. Из нее делают горючее, удобрения, подстилку для скота, бумагу, вату, бинты. Опосля отделения волокон остается жесткая часть стебля — костра. Ее прессуют, брикеты подменяют обычное горючее. По теплоотдаче продукты переработки превосходят древесину и уступают разве что каменному углю. Авто Генри Форда ездили на конопляном горючем. Некие детали также состояли из растительных волокон.

Все новое — это отлично забытое старенькое. Бумагу из конопли делали еще несколько веков назад. И лишь позже ей на смену пришла древесина. В целлюлозной индустрии конопля составит конкурентнсть дереву. Вырубать леса ради производства бумаги бездумно. Ведь коноплю вырастить скорее и проще. Бумага из нее прочнее, дешевле. Ее не необходимо дополнительно отбеливать с внедрением химикатов. Не много кто знает, что 1-ая Конституция США и Декларация независимости Америки изданы на бумаге из переработанной конопли.

Эти документы сохранились до наших дней. Те самые «зеленые» купюры — южноамериканские баксы состоят из конопляной целлюлозы. Так что всю ее ценность можно лишь представить.

Конопля и способы ее выращивания конопля в дзержинске

Миллионы на техно-конопле!!! Как зарабатывать легально на выращивание технической конопли?!

Следующая статья конопля и медицина

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